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제목 Transart's Low Residency MFA & Studio PhD
글쓴이 Admissions
홈페이지 Homepage : http://transart.org
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The community I've become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I've developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City.

Transart Institute
Take Your Practice to the Next Level:
Apply To Transart's Low Residency MFA & Studio PhD
MFA preferred application and advanced standing deadline: December 1, 2013
PhD winter start application deadline: December 1, 2013

T +1 347 410 9905


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MFA Creative Practice:
- A highly individualized contemporary learning experience
- Eligible previous graduate level credits can be applied towards advanced standing
- Summer intensive residencies in Berlin
- Winter reflective residencies in New York City
- Workshops, seminars and professional development, studio and performance tours in every residency
- Development of a robust and sustainable artistic praxis
- Individual creative projects realized with the support of faculty and self-chosen curators
- Low-residency format allows to maintain professional and family commitments while advancing careers
- International diversity of students and faculty fosters exchange across cultural boundaries
- Alumni and faculty form an ever expanding international exhibition collective
- Offsite study, critiques and advisement wherever you live and work
- Regular one-on-one critiques and interactions with curators, artists, and theorists

An MFA should be a short term investment in a long career
Ongoing connections, critique and support are essential ingredients for a vital artistic practice and successful academic career. Students on the MFA Creative Practice join an international group of emerging and mid-career artists and curators. Transartists stay connected and active, continuing to show, curate and perform together internationally.

Students on the MFA Creative Practice build a sustainable practice, create their own course of study, get the support they need from advisors, find a balance between their artwork and other professional obligations while they are in the program and keep working with a pay-as-you-go payment plan.

The Studio PhD
Transart offers a low-residency PhD program for advanced studio art. The PhD at Transart is a three-year program with an average work commitment of 30 hours per week, validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. The degree is offered exclusively for practice-based research (creative work). Artists interested in entering the PhD program should send a detailed proposal no later than December 1, 2013. The application process is explained online. A sample proposal can be found online.

Transart faculty comes from a wide range of academic and artistic backgrounds as well as geographic locations. Current theoretical areas of expertise include curatorial work, African diaspora, interface technologies, digital arts, continental philosophy, media, social studies in colonialism, word and image relationships, and contemporary Asian art history. Studio faculty include international artists working with sound, performance, dance and choreography, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and video, intervention and installation. Details and bios can be found on the website.

Transart students are emerging and mid-career artists and educators:

"The community I've become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I've developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City." – Virgil Wong, cand. PhD, alumnus, New York.

"To work independently can pose a challenge but it also offers freedom and flexibility. Since a large number of students are accomplished artists and earn a living, Transart's concept is ideal to work toward a degree and to expand one's artistic career in addition to having a job." – Photographer, performer and alumna Angelika Rinnhofer

"This program has changed my life in profound ways. My art practice is more informed, better articulated, more open, more thoughtful, more grounded in theory." – Performer, painter and alumna Nicole Stager

You can learn more about the experiences other students have had at Transart.

If you have further questions, faculty will be happy to discuss the program with you in detail. Please contact Dr. Michael Bowdidge for an appointment: admissions@transart.org.

Transart Institute
228 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

T +1 347 410 9905


*Photo: Transart student Gabriela Gusmao performing at the summer residency 2013 in Berlin. Courtesy of Transart.

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